Anhui VSEE Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech  enterprise engaged in researching, developing, designing and  manufacturing of food and industrial color sorting equipment and dryer,  More than 100 National Patents And Honorary Qualifications.

Our company has a strong R&D team which has been working in  optoelectronic color sorter and CCD color sorter study for many years,  and possesses rich practical experience and strong research and  development capability, especially has unique technological advantage in  digital optoelectronic detection represented by CCD sensor. The  monochrome CCD color sorter researched and produced by our company is in  leading status in domestic industry, and the chrome CCD color sorter  initiates domestic market.

VSEE-JIUYANG dryer is the joint venture project of VSEE and Taiwan  company.VSEE-JIUYANG low temperature dryer for 150T is in leading status  in this field.The technology of low temperature and continuous dryer  for 1000T is the only one.The design of low temperature circulating  dryer with 10T-50T products have no screw conveyor is for solving the  problems of crushing material efficiently.

Now the main products of our company include Belt color sorter, Glass  color sorter, Rice color sorter, Grain color sorter, Bean color sorter,  Coffee bean color sorter, Sesame color sorter, Sunflower seed color  sorter, Plastic color sorter, Dehydrated vegetable color sorter, Raisin  color sorter, Seed color sorter etc. Our dryer has series  10T/15T/20T/30T/40T/50T/80T/100T/130T/150T etc. Our drying furnace has  series 5L-30, 5L-60, 5L-1300, 5L-1500, 5L-2000 five efficient indirect  furnace, to meet the demands of different customers. What’s more,  according to the customer’s practical requirements, we provide design,  manufacturing, installation and technical training, as a full set of  solutions based on product characteristics and processing requirements.

VSEE has always pursued: customer-centric, customer first purpose, we  take "safe, efficient and accurate" as a code of conduct, and will  always adhere to the advanced design concepts and professional technical  services to provide the best solutions for each customer, and  effectively meet the various needs of customers, and truly improve the  production efficiency of customers, to achieve our common development.

“VSEE OPTOELECTRONIC, VSEE-JIUYANG” with its solid pace,  the footprint  of progress is engraved in the course of development. Every honor as a  monument, witnessed the sound development of the VSEE, condensed the  strength of the VSEE, wrote the VSEE people’s wisdom and extraordinary  creativity.